What is the ideal family!   become a foster carer

A huge question that can bring upon many different answers, a financially secure unit? A group of people that spend lots of times together with lesser thoughts of there financial security. A parent who drops there children off to school or a responsible parent who allows another person to take there kids to school and be dropped of as they have work commitments? a parent who provides all the clothes a child asks for or a parent that hands down clothes that have been well looked after from siblings or friends children meaning there children may value the costs and expense that an item of clothing can mean to a poor parent?

Many many words have been written spoken and transcript-ed concerning how you should and how you can parent a child and create a family environment within your home.  Essentially  doing what feels right in your head and hearty at the time of importance is what you have to believe is the best action YOUR family can take at the particular time. So don’t get too hung up on the rights and wrongs that are written in the ‘Best way to make a family’ or ‘supper nanny says’ books that are available, we are all different and our situations all change from day to day.  So set your self some achievable goals and a deadline, meet them or review them when required and make some new ones, or site down with all those concerned (grand parent, ex partners (still child’s parents) friends, parents from school, teachers, social workers and websites)  Do not be afraid that you are doing things wrong, nothing is set in concrete and everything can be improved on given the right time frame and support.